Arts at the Institute

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute provides a tranquil ambiance and abundant wildlife with a center that serves as an ideal backdrop for artists to unleash their creativity and craft masterpieces on its expansive property.

Creative Fellowships

 The Creative Fellowships seek to nurture the development of promising student artists and writers interested in creating works that are inspired and influenced by the natural world. Individuals receive the opportunity to have the time and space for reflection and immersion in a natural environment and creative community at the Institute, so that they can develop their talent and create inspiring work.

Mentors will work with student fellows to foster their growth and development.

The Institute will award eight to ten fellowships for visual artists and writers in 2024.

See slideshow on the right for examples of student artwork. Also, see Poetry Examples in the link below.

Batts Cottage Rental


As an artist, Pierce Cedar Creek Institute offers a unique residency program for their Batts Cottage. Creative Retreats at Batts Cottage is a newer rental program open to writers, artists, photographers, and musicians of all backgrounds and genres. This special place at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute has only been used in the past by a few researchers, artists, and writers, but with recent renovations, it is now available for those who want the quiet solitude nature provides.

Enjoy the Arts

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute provides an idyllic haven for artists seeking inspiration, offering a serene and lush environment for creative residencies. Visitors can immerse themselves in the beauty of the natural world while exploring captivating exhibits that showcase the region's biodiversity. With its tranquil ambiance and abundant wildlife, the center serves as an ideal backdrop for artists to unleash their creativity and craft masterpieces, take in an exhibit, take part in a workshop, and support other local artists during special events like Pierce Cedar Creek's annual Holiday Gift Show!

Arts at Pierce