Our Team

Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Staff

Proud to be environmental stewards through conservation and sustainable practices.
Michelle Skedgell

Executive Director

Hadlee Andrews-Robinson

Development Director

Rick Hemerling

Finance Director

Sara Syswerda

Education Director

Ellen Holste

Community Program Manager

Joseph Curcie

Facilities Manager

Mary Parr

Stewardship Manager

Matt Dykstra

Field Station Manager

Tracy Noorman

HR & Hospitality Manager

Barb Matyasic

Guest Services and
Graphic Design Coordinator

Drew Vandegrift

Stewardship Coordinator

Sara Lien Edelman

Marketing Coordinator

Melissa Baker

Assistant Chef

Nancy Cotant

Finance Assistant

Sarah Ling

Kitchen Assistant

Nick Miller

Facilities Assistant

Hailey Dirks

Kitchen Assistant

Sally Baker

On-Call Kitchen Assistant