Pierce Pickups (for April 21)

Pierce Pickups (for April 21)

Order by Thursday, April 13 at 4 pm for pick-up Friday, April 21 at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute from Noon – 2 pm or at Anne’s Health Foods during store hours.

v=vegan, vegt=vegetarian, gf=gluten free

Savory Meatloaf – $30 / Petite $15
6 servings / 3 servings
Traditional meatloaf.
Allergens: wheat, dairy (milk), egg

Lentil Loaf – $30 / Petite $15 (v, vgt, gf)
6 servings / 3 servings
Allergens: soy, pecans

Skinny Cauliflower Macaroni and Cheese – $15
6 servings
For those who are carb-conscious, the cauliflower replaces the carbs from pasta found in regular mac n’ cheese.
Allergens: wheat, dairy (cheese, butter, milk)

Roasted Carrots and Parsnips – $12 (v, vgt, gf)
6 servings
A great side to go with your meatloaf!
Allergens: nuts (walnuts)

Mexican Sweet Corn Bake – $12 (vgt, gf)
6 servings
Allergens: egg, dairy

All-American Cookie Pie – $15 (vgt)
8 servings
Chocolate chip cookie in a pie crust—a great dessert for cookie and pie lovers!
Allergens: egg, dairy (butter), wheat