Creative Retreats at Batts Cottage Application

Creative Retreats at Batts Cottage Application

Art, photography, writing, and music residencies are offered as a one, two, or three-week stay:
$400 plus tax for one week
$700 plus tax for two weeks
$950 plus tax for three weeks.

Shorter stays start at a minimum three-day rental.
Cost: $130/night plus tax.

Maximum occupancy: 2 people.
For weekly rentals, check-in is at noon on Tuesday, and check-out is at 9 am on Monday. For shorter stays, check-in can be Tuesday-Friday at noon, and check-out is 9 am on the departure date. Scroll down to see available dates.

Restrictions and Guidelines:
No paint, turpentine, or rinse water may be disposed of in the sinks in Batts Cottage. Guidelines for appropriate disposal methods are dependent on the medium used:

• Oils: Use a 3-jar system: 1. Pour dirty turpentine into a plastic container and let it settle for a day or two. The heavy muddy paint eventually falls to the bottom. 2. Then pour the top portion of "clean" turpentine into a second container and let that settle. 3. After a day or two, pour the second container into a third container. Artists must supply their own jars and take them at the end of the residency.

• Watercolors: Transfer watercolor paint water into a bigger container and let it sit for several days to allow all of the pigment can settle out of suspension. The water will be clear at this point but will smell like paint. This water can be poured down the drain. The drain must then be flushed with hot water. The paint pigment at the bottom of the jar can be wiped away with a paper towel, which can be disposed of in a trash receptacle.

• Acrylics: If they are used in thin washes like watercolors, use the watercolor method. If they are used in a thick application like oils, allow the paint to dry on the palette, then scrape off the clumps of dried paint and dispose of them in a trash receptacle.

There are no musical instruments available for musicians.

No art studio space is available, but the cottage may meet the needs of some artists.

No fishing or water access is available. However, a sitting area by the lake does provide beautiful views.

Batts Cottage is not handicapped accessible.

Residents are required to limit guests and noise. No partying or overnight guests are allowed. Applicants must be at least 21 years of age.