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Your donation —whether it is a gift of your time, talents, or treasures— provides the support needed to teach, inspire, and change people's lives. From the many hikes and family programs offered at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute to the summer research program for college students, your donation helps us bring our mission to inspire appreciation and stewardship of our environment up close and personal. All donors who make a donation above the cost of a basic membership are Annual Donors in the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Giving Society.

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Giving Tuesday–Donations Accepted through December 6

This Giving Tuesday, the Institute is giving back to the planet–and we need your help! Help us raise $3,000 to install a new 3-bay cement compost bin. With the installation of the compost bin in April 2023, the Institute will take its first steps in becoming a leader in the community's climate change mitigation efforts. By increasing its composting efforts, especially of food waste and biodegradable products, the Institute will release less waste into local landfills. On a national level, food waste is a major contributor to climate change. As it rots, it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. By composting uneaten food instead of throwing it away, the Institute will reduce the amount of methane released from local landfills, which will help mitigate climate change. 

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Since the fall of 2014, ScienceStrong has grown from a small outreach program to a countywide initiative that provides hands-on science learning opportunities for local students and families along with professional development sessions and curriculum support for local teachers.

ScienceStrong’s growth and success can be attributed to three things: the dedication of Education Director Sara “Science Sara” Syswerda and her team of ScienceStrong volunteers, the Douglas A. and Margaret E. DeCamp Foundation’s commitment to education, and the generous gifts from both our members and our supporters throughout our community.

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Planned Giving

Planned giving is one way you can help the Institute work to fulfill its mission for years to come. A planned gift may be made in a number of ways and should be designated to Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Hastings, Michigan (tax number 38-2820095). Most commonly, planned gifts are made via a gift in a will or trust, an allocation from a retirement plan, or a designation in a life insurance policy. All donors who make a planned gift to the Institute are Legacy Donors in the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute Giving Society.

Memorial and Tribute Program

A gift to the Institute’s Memorial and Tribute Program commemorates the life of a loved one or celebrates a special occasion, while supporting an organization committed to preserving and protecting our valuable natural resources. All memorial and tribute donations are recognized in a gift book in the Visitor Center. Donors making a donation through this program have four options:
• A donation to the Celebration Garden, which features native trees, shrubs, and plants. With a gift of $1000 or more, an engraved stone will be placed in the Celebration Garden..
• A 15 year sponsorship of an engraved rustic cedar bench on the Institute’s trails.
• A Lifetime sponsorship of an engraved rustic cedar bench on the Institute’s trails.
• A Lifetime Sponsorship of a formal bench with engraved bronze plaque on the deck behind the Visitor Center.

All benches will be maintained for the length of the sponsorship. A limited number of benches are available.

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Environmental Education and Research Endowment Fund

This endowment fund at the Barry Community Foundation provides sustained funding for our summer research program now and in the future; 4% of the endowment supports current projects and programs while the rest of it is held in perpetuity, providing income for years to come.

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Donation Questions?

If you have any questions about making a donation or planned gift to the Institute, please contact Development Director Cathy Hart-Jansma at or 269-721-4131.