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Botany Research Projects at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute l A Grand Rapids Michigan Area Biological Field Station

Botany Research Projects


Distribution, rate of expansion and subspecific make-up of Phragmites australis at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. 2014. Dylan Sterling and Cameron Poyner. Mentored by Brad Swanson. Central Michigan University. (Read Document)


Ordination and Classification of Mesic Hardwood Forests at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. 2014. Jim Jenson. Mentored by Pam Laureto. Grand Rapids Community College. (Read Document)


Modeling the Presence of Exotic Invasive Shrubs in West Michigan Forests Based on Habitat Characteristics. 2014. Heather Taylor and Sophie Bennett. Mentors Todd Aschenbach and Alexandra Locher. Grand Valley State University. (Read Document)


Examining the Comparative Fitness of the American Bellflower (Campanulastrum americanum) in a Novel Environment.. 2014. Daniel Buehler - Western Michigan University, and Marty Buehler - Hastings High School science teacher, assisted University of Virginia researcher Holly Prendeville. (Read Document)


Anything but Knaptime—A Study of Invasive Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe Asteraceae). 2014. Brian Cunningham-Rhoads and William Gribbin
Mentored by Dr. Binney Girdler. Kalamazoo College. (Read Document)


A Study of Invasive Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe Asteraceae) in the Restored Prairies at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. 2013. Christine DeVries Mentored by Pam Laureto. Grand Rapids Community College. (Read Document).


Hybridization dynamics of invasive cattail (Typhaceae) stands at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute: A molecular analysis. Alex Graeff, Kelsey Huisman and Dr. Pamela Laureto. 2012. Grand Rapids Community College. (Read Document)


Species diversity and richness of prairies at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. Leah Sefton, Caitlin McColl and Dr. Bradley Swanson. 2011. Central Michigan University. (Read Document)

Arthropod defense communities of the bracken fern, Pteridium aquilinum. Ricki Oldenkamp and Dr. Matthew Douglas. 2010. Grand Rapids Community College. (Read Document)

Autumn olive impacts on the soil and water quality of the PCCI ecosystem, Kristen Engerer, Yacoub Aljobeh and Dr. Zuhdi Aljobeh. 2010. Valparaiso University. (Read Document)

Relationship between nitrogen fixation rate, apparent photosynthesis rate, and chlorophyll content of autumn olive and potential impacts on the competitiveness of cohabitating native plant species. Stephanie Rentschler, Christopher Bouma and Dr. David Dornbos. 2010. Calvin College.(Read Document)

DNA barcoding of Quercus sp. at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute using the matK gene. Kirsten Borek and Dr. Summer Silvieus. 2009. Aquinas College. (Read Document)

Impacts of the invasive species Elaeagnus umbellata on the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute ecosystem soil and water quality. Kaylene Boroski and Dr. Zuhdi Aljobeh. 2009. Aquinas College. (Read Document)

Characterization of the physiological competitiveness of autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata). Rachel Hesselink and Dr. David Dornbos. 2008. Calvin College. (Read Document)

The effects of autumn olive (Elaeagnus umbellata) on breeding bird nest predation and activity at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute. Megan Krintz and Dr. Laurie Eberhardt. 2008. Valparaiso University.(Read Document)

An investigation into mouse-ear cress (Arabidopsis thaliana) flowering schedule and pollination mechanism. Jacob Roshanmanesh and Dr. Robert Swanson. 2007. Valparaiso University.(Read Document)

Characterization of the competitiveness of autumn olive in a mature forest. Kelly Edwards and Dr. David Dornbos. 2007. Calvin College. (Read Document)

Formation of Pierce Cedar Creek Institute interactive tree key for common plants along trails. Molly Soper and Dr. Summer Silvieus. 2007. Aquinas College (Read Document).

Mapping and testing a possible control method for garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata). Jonathon Finger and Dr. Laurie Eberhardt. 2007. Valparaiso University (Read Document).

Mechanical stomatal diversity and rates of CO2 conductance in PCCI plant communities. Elizabeth Weidenhaft and Dr. Debbie Swarthout. 2007. Hope College. (Read Document)

Screening for drought tolerance in plant communities at PCCI. Emily Schuiteman and Dr. Debbie Swarthout. 2007. Hope College. (Read Document)

Assessment of prairie pot transplants as a restoration tool. Jennifer Goedhart and Dr. David Warners. 2006. Calvin College.(Read Document)

Characterization of the photosynthetic competitiveness of autumn olive. (Elaeagnus umbellata). Michele Ritsema and Dr. David Dornbos. 2006. Calvin College. (Read Document)

Effects of environmental variables on plant communities in a ravine system in Southwest Michigan. Eileen Fleischmann and Dr. Rob Keys. 2006. Cornerstone University. (Read Document)