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Biological Field Station Data Archive


As a Michigan biological field station and nature center, the Institute has compiled a working species inventory for the property. The list is not considered to be complete and is an evolving, growing document. The species inventories are updated as environmental education staff and biological field station students conduct research and discover species never before documented on the property.

Biodiversity Data

August 2016 Species Inventory List (Excel) 

Salamander and Frog Sampling Data (Monitoring Protocol, Data Sheet, 2016 Data)

Herbarium Specimens (Excel)

Deer Exclosure Plant Biodiversity Sampling (Protocol)

Physical Data

Weather Station Data (Excel)

Available GIS Layers (Excel)

GIS and Metadata Tutorial (Overview)

Brewster Lake Secchi Disk Monitoring (Protocol, Data Sheet, 2016 Data)

Brewster Lake Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature Monitoring (Protocol, Data Sheet, 2016 Data)